New website for Nora Bast, international fashion and portrait photographer

The client

Nora Bast is the alias and “alter ego” of Eleonora Fazio, a talented Italian photographer with whom I had the pleasure of working previously. She shows her artistic flair through her work as well as her ability to connect with the person on the other side of the camera on a special level. I confess to being a great admirer of her work.


The objective was to create a web page capable of conveying Eleonora’s personality and showing off the work she has done in recent years.

This talented photographer has been published in renowned magazines (Vogue, among others), which is why we also wanted to show the evolution of her career.


We created a website with a minimalist style, that allows users to admire Eleonora’s work without distraction. We created a photographic series for each of her campaigns, and we designed a section that highlights each of the different publications she has worked on in recent years.

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